Last Day in September

Yes it really is where has it gone? I started a two year course – an HND in textile and fashion in the second week of September. As a result yesterday we visited the Butterfly World in Yarm, Co Durham, UK. A wonderfull, magical day. I wonder how many people will notice the interloper in one of these photos?

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Bramble Patch

The brambles have been amazing this year and really good for drawing as well as eating

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New Studio

My new studio is now inhabited

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Last Post

Well this will be my last post for July 2016. My plants at the back of the garage are doing well apart from a poorly cucumber which gave me two beauties and then all the other babies died on me. 

This thistle type plant is going beserk. It was bought as a very small plant and is going from strength to strength. 
My new greenhouse is being erected which will free up space in the garage and shed next year. 

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Kantha Stitching

These are a few photographs taken last night at a craft group I was enabling. Teaching is not the right word as these ladies were all proficient embroiderers. So to go back to a simple decorative running stitch was something novel. Three of the pieces are completed.  The rest are still wips (works in progress). It will be interesting to see what my friends do with them. Will they become cards? Or the fronts of journals? Or something else?

Did anyone notice the teabag in one of them?

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Embroiderers’ Guild Residential Schools

Went on an Embroiderer’s Guild Workshop  Silk paper and hand made paper book many years ago.

I made a little book on the course. The cover was made from silk fibre paper and the inside is some of my hand made paper.

Detail of my blind I also made a piece which was made into a blind for my kitchen window – detail shown above. Unfortunately that blind went to fabric heaven a few months ago after being sadly misused.

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Yes it is really Summer. Despite the rain, wind and cold of the North East coast of England, we have had some glorious days. The rain has encouraged my garden to grow – with a little help, the wind blows away a few of those cobwebs that have been lurking in my house and the cold spells have enabled me to curl up and think about being creative.

So what are you doing? You ask? Visiting exhibitions, doing courses as a student and promoting my own mini exhibition in our local branch library.

Above each picture is a link, click on it to see something other than my pictures😄😎

Embroiderers’ Guild


Tall Ships 2016


Monkseaton Library limited opening times so take note if you want to see my small Kantha Stitch exhibition. Here are just a few pieces in the process of being stitched.




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